Chet Grady's Machine Shop

My grandfather made it three months past 100 years old, but no further. He was a machinist who was loved and respected by the whole city (it seems) of Belfast, Maine. I grew up loving his shop; it still looks a lot like it did when I was five -- full of tools, scrap metal, drill bits and balpeen hammers.

I shot it last week without using artificial lighting except an occasional clip on light. Mostly it's just shutter speed and timing the shots with the path of the sun. Brian VandenBrink says "If you need to use lights, you're shooting at the wrong time of day." That philosophy is great if you've got all day, like I did last week.

I photographed Grampy's shop the day after his funeral, so I think he was there with me. Some of the best angles came from sitting in his chairs and setting up the tripod from that spot.

More photos soon as I find the time to resize them and put them in a gallery.